Energy generation that “rides on air”

CAPSTONE microturbines, scalable from 65 kWe to 1000 kWe and with the possibility of operating more units in parallel up to 10 MWe, are a smart energy solution for many types of applications. The energy from flue gas can be used in various applications, based on direct use of flue gas for drying processes or primary air production for the burner, production of steam, production of cold, or production of hot water.

Based on invertor electronics, the microturbines have only one moving part, which leads to longer service intervals, lower operating costs, higher efficiency and increased uptime compared to other options for the generation of energy. Their unparalleled compatibility with a wide range of fuels, such as natural gas, LPG, renewable bio gas, liquid fuels (diesel, kerosene) and a hydrogen blend, further adds to the attractiveness of their use in the “green” generation of power.

A key feature of all CAPSTONE microturbines is patented air bearing technology, which uses pressurized air to separate the single moving part in the microturbine, a rotating shaft, from the bearing. As a result of the shaft riding on a friction-free cushion of air, the need for lubricants or coolants is eliminated, together with the periodic downtime that results from oil/coolant changes and their disposal. Additional advantages of this technology include increased reliability, reduced wear, minimized energy losses, low noise and no vibrations.

Due to the elimination of oil or coolants in their operation, exhaust gases from CAPSTONE microturbines are extremely clean. Their use in food production, or other manufacturing processes where clean exhaust gases are crucial, is therefore extremely advantageous. One of the many examples would be use of the microturbine’s exhaust gases for direct drying in various industries, including food processing Apart from food processing, CAPSTONE-based applications can also be designed for firing furnaces, drying paper in paper mills, drying grain or sugar cane in agricultural operations, and many others.

If you would like to embrace the clean, green future of CAPSTONE microturbines as part of your energy generation solution, contact Petr Machej at IVITAS GREEN POWER for more information or to schedule an in-person or online meeting.