Drying process with Capstone microturbines

Are you searching for how to enhance your industrial drying processes? Look no further! We can design a custom CAPSTONE microturbine solution to fit your process needs by providing the necessary clean, dry air for unparalleled drying, along with heat and power for your operations!

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The Many Benefits of Direct Drying with CAPSTONE Microturbines
As drying is an essential process across many industries, it is important to find a solution that is both efficient and cost-effective. An innovative technology that fits perfectly to this task is the use of CAPSTONE cogeneration microturbines. When generating electricity, the microturbine produces electricity, together with extremely clean flue gas that can be fully utilized in the drying process. A custom installation from IVITAS GREEN POWER with this design can reach an extremely impressive efficiency of 96 - 98%. 
Harnessing the Power of Microturbines: Steam Generation with Capstone Technology

Microturbines have been heralded as a versatile and efficient solution for power generation for almost 35 years. Among the vanguard in this field is Capstone Green Energy, a pioneer in the development of advanced microturbines. As energy demands continue to rise, the need for innovative and sustainable solutions is more crucial than ever. In this article, we will explore how Capstone microturbines not only offer reliable power generation but also open doors to highly efficient steam generation.

Energy generation that “rides on air”

The more than 100 patents found in CAPSTONE microturbines have contributed to them being among the greenest, and most cost-efficient, means of producing energy for a wide array of applications. Chief among them is a special air bearing technology that reduces the microturbine’s maintenance requirements, increases its efficiency and leads to extremely clean exhaust gases.