Harness your power and utilize heat with CAPSTONE Microturbines!


We're excited to announce a new series of posts on our social media channels that will focus on innovative applications that utilize CAPSTONE Microturbines! We’ll be taking deep dives into the unique ways CAPSTONE Microturbines can become an efficient and reliable part of cogeneration processes that are normally not feasible for piston engines.

CAPSTONE Microturbines are not only eco-friendly and cost-effective, but also extremely versatile in their range of applications.

The series will focus on three key areas where CAPSTONE Microturbines excel:

1. Steam Generation

2. Direct Drying

3. Biomethane Production 

Make sure to visit and follow our social media channels today, as the first post in our series will be coming soon!

In the meantime, don't hesitate to contact us at +420 606 783 352 or petr.machej@ivitas.cz if you're interested in learning more about how CAPSTONE Microturbines can transform your business.

Together, we can harness power and utilize heat to create a greener, more sustainable future.